New SOLIDWORKS 2019 Simulation and Data Management Solutions are Unveiled Live


Be sure to tune in Wednesday, December 5th starting at 1:00pm ET to watch as we announce what’s new in the SOLIDWORKS 2019 Distributed Data Management and Designer to Analyst solutions. Learn how all these new capabilities and user-driven enhancements in our suite of Simulation and Data Management solutions will help will improve your product development processes by helping you collaborate better, iterate faster, and validate that only the most optimized products are being brought to market.

You’ll HEAR from SOLIDWORKS experts on specific new capabilities and LEARN how these user-driven enhancements—with demonstrations focused on the areas below—in SOLIDWORKS 2019 will improve your product development process.

Starting at 1pm ET, you’ll hear how new capabilities in SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management Solutions will deliver:

  • Enhanced Web Connectivity in both SOLIDWORKS PDM and SW Manage
  • Improved user experience streaming common work flows
  • Deeper integration with the SOLIDWORKS Design environment
  • Enhanced Bill of Material capabilities

Then at 3pm ET, you’ll learn how new enhancements to SOLIDWORKS Designer to Analyst solutions will help you:
Learn how new enhancements to SOLIDWORKS Designer to Analyst solutions will help you:

  • Speed the development of highly optimized products with Topology Study
  • Better understand how heat travels through your designs with Flux Plot
  • More accurately simulate real-world conditions with Distributed Loading
  • Optimize the design of plastic injection-molded parts using new functionality and workflows is SOLIDWORKS Plastics

This is a must-see event; be sure to check out Facebook or YouTube to get notified when we go live on December 5th starting at 1:00pm ET.

Dr. Erdal Gamsız
CNC Machine Tools, CAD/CAM, Production Technologies Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi / Makine Mühendisi

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