Mastercam at IMTS 2018 – a Record Success!


Thank you to everyone that stopped by to check out Mastercam 2019 and visit our booths and presentations at IMTS 2018. Thanks also to our customers, Partners, Resellers, and staff for all of their efforts to make this show a huge success.

This was not only Mastercam’s best IMTS, it was the show’s best as well. With 129,415 registrations, IMTS 2018 smashed the previous record of 121,764 set in 1998. With 1,424,232 square feet of exhibiting space, the show was the largest in history. Exhibiting companies grew from 2,407 in 2016 to 2,563.

With such a fantastic turnout, we received a lot of excellent feedback from existing customers and strong interest from attendees looking for the best CAM software for their manufacturing needs. The information these folks provide helps us continually improve Mastercam, so it’s invaluable to staying at the forefront of our industry.

We had steady traffic at both our educational booth in the Smartforce Student Summit and industrial booth, as well as our presentations – including standing room only attendance at Stas Mylek’s presentation of SMART Manufacturing: Empowering Small-to-Medium Sized Companies with Tools to Compete.

Paul Schmitt from PS Stix, Inc. was a huge attraction at our booth in the Smartforce Student Summit. Dubbed “The Professor,” Paul has been making skateboard decks for the majority of the professionals in the industry since 1983. He’s a legend in his community, and his way of giving back is his program CreateAskate where he delivers a kit to schools that allows them to make a skateboard through material science demonstrations. He gave fantastic presentations throughout the week to students and teachers visiting our booth.

We are very appreciative for all these opportunities to learn and network with the manufacturing community at IMTS. Thank you to everyone that attended and everyone working “behind the scenes” to help make IMTS 2018 a record success!

Announcing the Winners of Our 2018 Wildest Parts Competition

Our Wildest Parts Competition is an annual event for individual students, teams, and instructors at the secondary (high school) and post-secondary levels to submit the clever parts they created over the school year. Even as we announce this year’s winners, it’s time for teachers and students to start thinking about what they will submit for our 2019 Wildest Parts Competition, before the June 28 deadline.

Every participant receives a Mastercam t-shirt, and the winning students receive cash awards while their instructors are given vouchers to First-place winners and instructors in the secondary and post-secondary categories also receive an award plaque. At the post-secondary level, winners receive Mastercam® Mill Entry with Art, while their instructors are given an Educational copy of Mastercam with Art and Multiaxis (or an update to an existing copy).
A special thank you to the Gene Haas Foundation for generously supporting the Wildest Parts Competition. The Gene Haas Foundation will be awarding scholarships for continuing education: $1,500 for 1st place, $750 for 2nd place, and $250 for 3rd place.
Without further ado, here are the winners of our 2018 Wildest Parts Competition:

Secondary Division

1st Place – Spiral Didgeridoo – Caelen DeVall – Hamilton High School – Instructor Brent Holmes
A didgeridoo is a large wind instrument, typically between one and two meters in length which is long and hard to transport. Caelen plays the didgeridoo and owns one that is 1.1 meters long. He wanted a more compact instrument to bring around with him. So, his idea was to design a more efficiently spaced didgeridoo that has been wrapped to fit into a smaller space and function as an instrument. He applied Mastercam’s Dynamic OptiRough toolpath for the inside of the instrument and applied both rough and finish toolpaths for the outside.

2nd Place – Fly Tying Kit – Grayson Weber – Capital High School – Instructor Jim Weber
Grayson is a lifelong fisherman and made a complete fly tying kit that fits into a box, providing everything needed to tie flies for fly fishing. The vice was made out of aluminum and anodized to match the Mastercam logo. The wooden cabinet features Mastercam Art on the lid and sides. The pockets within the drawers feature custom fitted compartments for hooks, feathers, dubbing, and thread; all the materials you would need for tying flies. Grayson learned a lot about 4-axis machining and how to machine long parts, as well as Mastercam Art.

3rd Place – Dirt Bike Pegs – Zane King – Capital High School – Instructor Jim Weber
Zane decided to make dirt bike foot pegs, because he loves dirt biking and wanted a custom, one-of-a-kind part for his dirt bike. The part was machined on a 3-axis machine, so Zane had to figure out how to machine the different angles on the pegs on the 3-axis machine. The next challenge was figuring out in what order to machine the different sides. He had to rotate the part five times during machining, each time making sure the origin was right, as well as all the tools and tool offsets. Zane said he learned that there is a lot of things going on with machining the pegs, even for a small part. He also noted that although there were a lot of difficulties, if you keep working, you can sooner or later make it work out!

Postsecondary Division 

1st Place – Vacuum Engine – Andrew Nicosia – Erie Community College – Instructor Nathan Witkowski
Andrew wanted to challenge himself with a complex machining project for his Advanced CNC class. This engine is designed to run off a butane or propane torch held in front of the small hole in the top of the cylinder. There are 24 different parts in this assembly, and a total of 32 mill programs and 5 lathe programs to create the engine. Andrew learned how to push the machine and cutting tools to their limits in Mastercam. He achieved the best surface finish possible and created parts as fast as possible without breaking tools or throwing parts off the vise. He says that Mastercam took his abilities to a whole other level and showed him what he is truly capable of making.

2nd Place – Gorilla Face – Sam Galliart– Pittsburg State University – Instructor Jordan Backs
Sam has recently been exploring the world of investment casting. This inspired him to produce his very own injection mold for use on the manufacturing department’s injection wax machine. Pittsburg State University’s mascot is a gorilla named Gus, who is the star of Sam’s project! Sam started with a 14” tall solid wood carving of a gorilla bust. From there, he made a silicon mold and produced cast concrete and composite parts. Sam has also machined a couple smaller molds for bottle openers with a 1” gorilla face on them, as well as other parts. Sam said this was a challenging project, and he had to explore an area of manufacturing outside his normal work.

These winning parts will be packed up for the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) CareerTech VISION conference in San Antonio, Texas, where they will be displayed proudly in our Mastercam booth. The parts will spend the rest of the school year traveling to other trade shows and conferences such as the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you are a student or instructor interested in competing in the 2019 Wildest Parts Competition, read the rules and download the entry form here and email with any questions.

Faster Machining for Faster Racecars

Stewart-Haas Racing, out of Kannapolis, North Carolina, has been forging ahead in the automotive racing industry since 2009, when Tony Stewart and Gene Haas entered into a mutually beneficial partnership. Stewart’s experience as a three-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Champion and Haas’s long career as a CNC machining trailblazer are the powerful foundation on which the company rests, and the proof of their combined ability was instant. Right out of the gate, the pair’s first race team made a name for itself by consistently placing in the top 10.

Now the company has expanded into more racing teams. Stewart-Haas Racing currently holds four entries in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup, with Kevin Harvick driving number 4, Aric Almirola driving number 10, Clint Bowyer driving number 14, and Kurt Busch driving number 41. All four of the veteran motorists drive a Ford Fusion with custom parts manufactured at the company’s Kannapolis machine shop. Stewart-Haas also competes in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West and the NASCAR XFINITY Cup Series, with Cole Custer in the number 00 Ford Mustang.

The key to the racecars’ extraordinary performances is the resourceful machining operation at Stewart-Haas. The company manufactures many of its parts in-house to save money, material, and – most importantly – time. As with anything else in the racing world, speed is everything.

John Simmons, CNC machine shop manager at the Stewart-Haas Racing facility, is pleased with the improved machining speeds that Mastercam has made possible. “I would say we are 60–75% more efficient,” he revealed. He credits this improvement to the CAD/CAM software’s constantly evolving Dynamic Motion technology.

Dynamic Motion toolpaths cut faster and smarter, thanks to proprietary algorithms that continuously analyze the material as it is being machined. The cutting tool is in contact with the material at the safest angle at all times, ensuring maximum flute engagement, eliminating inefficient air cuts, and prolonging tool life.

“We can make complete parts straight from a large billet now, rather than having to do smaller components and welding them together. The dynamic toolpaths give us a lot more tool engagement, which cuts down on us having to optimize the roughing toolpaths and allows us to get to the finish operations much faster,” said Simmons.

Simmons went on to explain that the roughing alone for one particular part took 12 hours. Now, with Dynamic Milling, the same part takes seven hours. The “material aware” toolpaths allow Stewart-Haas’s CNC machines to run at previously unimaginable rates by monitoring the material’s fluctuations as it is being cut. Not only does the technology maximize tool engagement, it also minimizes accidental cuts that many programmers fear from such accelerated milling.

Stewart-Haas Racing takes pride in staying up to date with the newest software technologies and relies on Barefoot CNC, its local Mastercam Reseller, to introduce and explain new toolpaths just as quickly as they are released. The faster the programmers can produce durable, precise parts, the faster they can see results on the track.

If you live in the Carolinas, contact Barefoot CNC to learn more about what Mastercam can do for your production speed and efficiency.

If you live outside the Carolinas, click here to find a Mastercam Reseller near you. 

2018 Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day Is October 5, 2018

Manufacturing Day® is an outreach of the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute to celebrate the benefits of manufacturing and inspire people to learn about careers in manufacturing. On the first Friday of October, thousands of organizations across North America host Manufacturing Day events open to students, parents, and educators to learn about modern manufacturing practices and opportunities for skilled workers.

This is wonderful day that we look forward to year after year. It’s great to see how manufacturers and companies that support manufacturing, like CNC Software, Inc., welcome visitors for a fun day of learning, exploring, and making connections. On Friday, October 5th, Mastercam / CNC Software Inc. Manufacturing Day event will be held in our Tolland headquarters from 10:00am until 3:00pm.
Hosting a Manufacturing Day event is an opportunity to connect with the local community to bring attention to the economic value of manufacturing and highlight the connections between manufacturing, education, skilled labor supplies, and economic development.
Attending Manufacturing Day events is a great way to learn about what is being made in your local community, get inspired by the possibilities of modern manufacturing, and learn about education and career opportunities resulting from the manufacturing base in your area.
How will you be celebrating Manufacturing Day? We encourage everyone in the Mastercam community to get involved and share your experiences via social media using the hashtags: #mfgday #Mastercam #FutureMachinists.

What’s New in Mastercam 2019: Axis Control

Mastercam 2019 includes many advances to help streamline your entire process, from job setup to job completion. Today we’ll look at What’s New in Mastercam 2019: Axis Control.



The Axis Control panel, available in the Simulation tab of Mastercam Simulator, has been redesigned to interact like a machine control. A feed wheel and axis dials are added to make the user’s experience similar to tools with which they are already familiar.

To learn more about how Mastercam 2019 can improve your production efficiency to save your organization time and money, contact a Mastercam Reseller in your area.

Strategic Manufacturing at IMTS


We are pleased to announce that Stas Mylek, Partner Program Manager at Mastercam, has been selected to present

Smart Manufacturing: Empowering Small-to-Medium Manufacturers with the Tools to Compete, at IMTS 2018.
Join Stas for practical insight and expertise to benefit short and long-term manufacturing objectives in the era of Industry 4.0. on Tuesday, September 11, in room W193-A from 1:15–2:10 pm.

In addition to attending this valuable Conference Session, be sure to stop by the Mastercam booth for live software demonstrations and more. We are excited to show you how our CAD/CAM software streamlines the manufacturing process and why – for the 24th year in a row – Mastercam is the world’s most widely used CAM software. See you in Chicago!

Education and Innovation at IMTS

As the most widely used CAM software in education worldwide, Mastercam is excited to announce our participation at the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2018. Submissions to this year’s Wildest Parts competitions will be shown off in the Mastercam educational booth. Winning parts will be on display to demonstrate how the educational sector plays a big role in Shaping the Future of Manufacturing™.

Mastercam will also be hosting two Learning Labs for students and educators. The first will take place every 30 minutes from 11 am – 1:30 pm daily, in the Mastercam CreateASkate Lab (booth 215210):
Introduction to Manufacturing with CreateASkate and Mastercam
At the Mastercam booth in the IMTS Student Summit, Professor Paul Schmitt will teach material science through the relevance of a skateboard with his curriculum. Students’ perception will be enhanced as they get to break raw materials and learn to discover opportunities in manufacturing through the process of creating a skateboard with their very own hands.

The second will be held twice daily, in the Mastercam Learning Lab (booth 215212) adjacent to the Mastercam educational booth, at 11 am and 12 pm.

Give Students a Competitive Edge Through Certification
An introduction to Mastercam Certification, and how it benefits students to make them more employable when they enter the workforce. The steps toward Mastercam Certification will be outlined, along with how to become a Certified Instructor able to administer Mastercam Certification tests.

Dr. Erdal Gamsız
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